Brand Management Consulting

Branding is one of the most misunderstood terms in business, many people think of branding as a series of process that involves developing logo designs and a lot of advertising run time. But in actual fact, your company branding is the sum total of your company’s identity, from its name and logo to every piece of communication, internal or external, to every encounter of your every customer.

You can no longer afford to just talk about brands and branding in this era anymore. You must translate it into action. Brands are words, images, ideas, logos, colours, emotions, expectations, promises, people and more people.

We can help you achieve that.

Brand Management Consulting + Outsourcing

What can we do for you

Create Your Compelling Brand Proposition & Strategy

As a planning-led consultancy, we can plan your campaign communication, allowing you to focus your agency relationships (or your agency pitch) on creativity and execution.

Brand Your Product, Service or Organization

A new product idea can come from anywhere so we help create a bespoke process for each project, creating concepts, names and launch communication to ensure that the consumer experiences the new product in a format that they will buy

Rebrand & Enhance Your Existing Brand

We can connect your brand’s heritage with new consumers by generating commercially effective ideas from the heart of the brand. We combine brand understanding with consumer insight and competitor analysis to help you reposition you brand, safeguard its future and increase its sales.

Build Your Brand From Scratch

We are a full fledge 21st Century Brand consultant. With our extensive experience and entrepreneurial vision, we can help you build your Brand from scratch to avoid unnecessary pitfalls. Call us if you are unsure of the strategies.

How do we proceed next?

Where We
Want To Go


Establish / Relook Vision / Mission / Objectives Brand DNA Development



Transforming Brand DNA Into Actionable Format

Transferring Knowledge
and Application


All Committee / Staff To Be Trained on your brand initiatives

How we want to deliver
our message WIIFM


Relook at all toouch point to establish desired connection

Living and Breathing
the Brand (Brand Support)


Relook at the brandimage of the people and the premise

Establish clear brand
communication structure


Internal Communication:
Brand book
SOP of interdepartment Comm.

External Communication:
Press Release
Media / Media Sosial
Corporate Video
Marketing Strategies

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