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We must understand that who we are and the more authentic we become ourselves, the longer our brand last and that is what we call brand sustainability. Clarity to your brand is important as the world is polluted with all type of products and services. Consumers are spoilt with choices. We help you to create powerful transformation to make sure your brand clear to your customers. That is the reason BrandImage Consultancy East Malaysia is here to make your brand to be more resilient and sustainable in long run.

STAGE 1 : Define Your Brand


It starts with consultancy on your authenticity, the core purpose, vision, mission, position, values and character.  Focus on what you do best and then communicate your brand inimitable strengths through consistency. The goal of this stage is to conduct meetings with the client to gather, sort and categorize all information relative to problems. Our team works with the client to immerse ourselves within the project and brand. From these initial meetings, we take what we have learned and  the documentation we have received, and use this knowledge to kick start our Brand Focus Group, and eventually to come out with a Brand DNA for our clients.

STAGE 2 : Your Brand Is Your Business Model


The goal of this stage is to identify and start creating the necessary branding and marketing materials that are required to raise the brand awareness. It is also important to make sure at this stage, that all branding and marketing materials are aligned to the Brand DNA that we had finalised on stage 1. We supports and challenge your business model to maximize the potential within your brand.We achieve a clear agreement of what you want to achieve and design and deliver for results

STAGE 3 : Consistency, Consistency, Consistency


Using the information cultivated from the first two phases, we then work with clients to brainstorm and optimise all the current Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) and Standard Brand Experience (SBE) according to the Brand DNA. Consistency in your message is the key to differentiate. Own your position on every reference point for everything that you do.

STAGE 4 : Start From The Inside Out


Everyone in your company can tell you what they see, think and feel about your brand.  That’s the story you should bring to the customers as well, drive impact beyond just the walls of marketing. As our team works to evolve our ideas and bring them to life, the solutions to the problems begin to take shape. Brand and Business Management Trainings are designed to develop all the Brand Ambassadors of the company to deliver the brand experiences to all the stakeholders. In the 21st Century, our experience over the years has made us realized that in this experiential economy, your customers need to feel your brand and create an emotional bond, and no amount of media placement is able to achieve this. Hence, the focus needs to be shifted onto the people in your organization, as they are the only ones who are going to live and breathe your organization’s brand image. In other words, delivering your organization’s promises to your customers.

STAGE 5: Connect On The Emotional Level

A brand is not a name, logo, website, ad campaigns or PR; those are only the tools not the brand.  A brand is a desirable idea manifested in products, services, people, places and experiences. This step is about implementing the brand strategies consistently according to the Brand DNA. Regular Brand and Business Trainings must be in place to ensure all the new and existing employees are executing the Brand strategies and delivering your Brand experience consistently.





With BrandImage expansion to East Malaysia and Brunei, we are excited to improve the lives of East Malaysian and Bruneians through positive transformational change that boosts productivity, efficiency and profitability, by bringing in the best brand and business consultants, trainers and training programs to them.


Contact us for a complimentary Training Needs Analysis (TNA) to engage into discovering the training and development needs of your people and business so your people as your business asset can carry out their job effectively and efficiently for your business to grow and sustain in long run. Our TNA aims to:

  1. Solve a current problem in your business and organization
  2. Avoiding a past or current problem in your business
  3. Creating or taking advantage of a future opportunity in your business industry
  4. Providing the right learning, development or growth to your business and its people

Pamela Phui Hee Yung

Certified Professional BrandImage Consultant

About Me

Pamela Phui’s seventeen years of work experience in the corporate world had established and reaffirmed her belief that one must present oneself professionally both physically and mentally as you would like someone else to present themselves to you. Only then will your life and the lives of those around you will take a new meaning. Taking a keen interest in helping others achieve their full potential, she had developed herself into a Human Resource Certified Trainer.

With thirteen years of experience as a Chief Financial Controller at Tokio Marine Global Re Asia Ltd (TMGRe Asia) in Labuan Federal Territory of Malaysia, Pamela is responsible for leading a team that oversees the company’s accounting, finance, and compliance matters whilst providing accurate and timely technical insurance data to underwriters, allowing them to make educated decisions regarding renewals. She facilitates communication with and between company brokers and clients throughout the region, including correspondence with internal and external auditors, compliance officers, parent company in Tokyo, Japan, company holdings in Singapore (previously in Dublin, Ireland), and regulators. Her constant business travels to London, Dublin and Japan had exposed her to work and interact globally.

She had also served four years as an Audit Senior at Deloitte. Her audit engagements services at the Kota Kinabalu and Johor branches focus mainly on the hospitality industry, timber operations, financial institutions, property development, manufacturing and retail.

In pursuing her own personal growth, Pamela took an interest in becoming a Certified BrandImage Professional. As she always took interest in the beauty industry, she became a Mary Kay Independent Sales Director within six months since joining Mary Kay in June 2015. Her achievements in Mary Kay includes :

  1. Emerald Achiever for Quarter 1 and Ruby Achiever for Quarter 2 & 3, 2016
  2. Hong Kong Disney Top 30 Mary Kay Dream Beautiful Contest 2015 Achievers and the only one from Labuan and Sabahan made to Top 30
  3. Asia Pacific Red Jacket Rally 2015/ 2016 Achievers. The only one from Labuan Federal Territory of Malaysia.

During her passion as a Mary Kay Independent Sales Director, she has conducted Skin Care, Make Up and Grooming classes for 300 people for the Labuan Immigration officers, Labuan hotels, and local Beauty Pageants finalists, local associations and public.

Education And Academic Certificates

Below is a quick summary of Pamela’s education and academic certificates :


After attending countless of programs and seminars in London, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Pamela had always wanted to pass her experience and knowledge to the people surrounding her. With her specialization in leadership, image consulting, branding, management soft skills and attitude transformation, she delivers these knowledge to the people during her course of work experience above.

Pamela is also a member in volunteering for causes involving children education as an active member of World Vision and supports wildlife conservation and the preservation of endangered species through World Wild Fund (WWF). She is a wife and doting mother to her 7 years old son at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.