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How Businesses Have Changed In the 21st Century

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Our Capabilities

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• Management Framework
• Business Communication Framework
• Research & Discovery
• Marketing Campaign Strategy
• Brand Management Guide

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• Logo Design
• Visual Identity Systems
• Web Design & Development
• Print & Digital Collateral

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• Brand Identity & Messaging
• Story Development
• Information Architecture
• Copywriting & Copyediting

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• Environment Design
• Product Packaging
• Interior & Exterior Signage
• Photography & Videography

Creative Process

  • Stage 1: Focus Group

    The goal of this stage is to conduct meetings with the client to gather, sort and categorize all information relative to problems. Our team works with the client to immerse ourselves within the project and brand. From these initial meetings, we take what we’ve learned and  the documentation we’ve received, and use this knowledge to kick start our Brand Focus Group, and eventually to come out with a Brand DNA for our clients.
  • Stage 2: Brand Image & Support Development

    The goal of this stage is to identify and start creating the necessary branding and marketing materials that are required to raise the brand awareness. It is also important to make sure at this stage, that all branding and marketing materials are aligned to the Brand DNA that we had finalised on stage 1.
  • Stage 3: Management Framework

    Using the information cultivated from the first two phases, we then work with clients to brainstorm and optimise all the current Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) and Standard Brand Experience (SBE) according to the Brand DNA.
  • Stage 4: Brand & Business Management Trainings

    As our team works to evolve our ideas and bring them to life, the solutions to the problems begin to take shape. Brand and Business Management Trainings are designed to develop all the Brand Ambassadors of the company to deliver the brand experiences to all the stakeholders. In the 21st Century, our experience over the years has made us realized that in this experiential economy, your customers need to feel your brand and create an emotional bond, and no amount of media placement is able to achieve this. Hence, the focus needs to be shifted onto the people in your organization, as they are the only ones who are going to live and breathe your organization’s brand image. In other words, delivering your organization’s promises to your customers.
  • Stage 5: Business Sustainability

    This step is about implementing the brand strategies consistently according to the Brand DNA. Regular Brand and Business Trainings must be in place to ensure all the new and existing employees are executing the Brand strategies and delivering your Brand experience consistently.



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